Team Paddle Diva

Paddle Diva is so excited to have a team this summer racing in this amazing fundraising race!

It's my goal to raise $10,000 as a team! 

Once a year, Paddle Diva asks for a contribution to a cause that is very dear to our hearts: donations to the BCRF, Breast Cancer Research Foundation. As a business owner I never say no to a donation request for Paddle Diva's services for auctions, fundraisers and events. My mother is a survivor of breast cancer for over 25 years and it is because of great medical care and research that she is still a wonderful, giving, loving force our lives. My children adore her and learn so much from her every day.

My goal this summer to not to be a racer and 'win' the race....but to be an elite 'raiser' and win the race against time for breast cancer!

Please take a moment to donate even $20 to my effort to garner support for this race to raise money for breast cancer.

Gina Bradley

Founder, Paddle Diva

Funds raised: $12,328 of $10,000


Thank you donors
Michelle Farmer : $50
Samantha Reiss : $100
Joshua Young : $100
Aly Bori : $50
Michael Britvan : $100
bianka lefferts : $100
Ilene Persoff : $50
Esther McNulty : $50
Ruth Toporoff : $50

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